Sunday, 29 November 2009

One more votes needed.

Apologies for bombarding you all with all these art-related questions. But based on your feedback (and of course my own personal preferences) we've narrowed things down quite a lot. I'd like to ask you one more time about concepts. There are basically two mock-ups to choose from (ignore some of the dodgy Photoshopping, but you'll get the idea).

Tell me whether you prefer Option 1 or Option 2...thanks a bunch.




  1. I agree with Marie
    Option 1


  2. Just the boot, actually. Not sure what the telly brings to the party, but the boot is enough of a distraction for me...:-)

  3. Option 2 I'd say, still prefer the other boots though x

  4. Once again, the cleaner design of option 2 works much better, but I'm not sure it has much to say. The montage in 1 is kinda sloppy, and also doesn't really speak clearly, but it feels like there's more substance.

  5. Wow tough call!
    I like both because;
    Option 2 has the cleaner design (bit more "iconic")
    Option 1 has a cool mix of images on the TV
    So I would say Option 2 hits you straight away as the title is obvious so would work in a shop (online or offline!) whereas Option 1 is the grower and would be the one you looked at at home.
    How many of your sales are in shops then?
    How many of your fans read the sleeve?
    Which one would you like as a backdrop at live gigs?
    Ok make my mind up time I guess?
    Absolutely no question that...
    Option 1 is better


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