Wednesday, 9 September 2009

News on the new album and more free music

A quick update on where I'm at with various bits and bobs. Been so busy that I haven't had a huge amount of time to blog here (I'm sure my legions of readers are very upset about that).

First off, I've finished the new record. Was lucky enough to be able to master it at Abbey Road with Steve Rooke (of Beatles remasters fame), which was brilliant. The provisional release date is 26 April 2010, which is miles away, but that's to give me enough time to do the plethora of things that go with putting out a record. I'll be putting sneak previews of tracks up on the blog, and I might even do some Youtube acoustic versions soon.

Secondly, in the run up to the release, I'm making 'Twisted City' available for free again. The free version contains me popping up now and again in my best south Dublin accent, bugging you to donate to my honesty box, and it doesn't have any bonus tracks on it. Sincere apologies if you bought a copy recently...but hopefully you don't feel too short-changed, and I very much appreciate the support. I'm thinking of sending some extra free content to the people who bought the album - stay posted for more info on that. The free version of 'Twisted City' can be downloaded at - check it out.

Finally, I've got a free EP of new music available. The tracks on the EP aren't on the new album but they were recorded during the sessions for it. Just recommend the free version of 'Twisted City' to 4 mates and you get the new EP totally free. Find out more at

Right, I'm off to bed. Talk soon.

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  1. Hey, downloaded your free album a while back and keep going back to it so i picked up a hard copy. looking forward to the next


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