Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Waiting for the man

Well, I thought it only appropriate to write something. It's 12:37 and there are three of us on the couch (no, this isn't one of those blogs). We're all glued to the TV and very much hoping that the good guy wins the US election.

Of course, who the good guy is depends entirely on your political viewpoint, but for us it's Mr Obama. I like him because as Bruce Forsyth pointed out on last week's Strictly Come Dancing (my girlfriend makes me watch it) he sounds kind of Irish - Mr O'Bama to you.

Anyway we're all rooting for him, and this is why:

1) We liked the typeface on his campaign materials - great logo, nice slogan and a tasteful use of colour.

2) He's not George Bush.

3) He doesn't pronounce 'terrorist' like 'tourist'. I like to travel and I'm fed up of this war on tourists. Ryanair have been very active on that front.

There are more profound reasons why we want him to win - he'd probably do a better job on world peace, the environment and the global economy, and hopefully won't go starting illegal wars on spurious grounds - but right now, we just want him to win. Fingers crossed.

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