Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My eyes hurt

Ok, so it's 1:45 and my eyes are starting to hurt a bit. I'm trying to live-blog the US election because it's meant to be a historic night. Yawns abound right now in North London though, and eyelids are drooping. Not because it's dull, but because, well, it's 1:45.

As things stand, Obama leads by 103 to 49 electoral college votes. No swing states really have entered the equation yet though.

I think we'd all be quite keen on going to bed really. So hopefully our man will win. We've got mini-bottles of champagne (ok, cheap sparkling wine) standing patiently by in the fridge which we will crack open if Obama does the business.

Incidentally, my girlfriend thinks this blog is a bit dull and I shouldn't be posting it. Sorry. But is 1:45 in the morning. Did I mention that?

Just read over it again and I agree with her. It is dull. Oh well.

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