Sunday, 5 October 2008

Noel Gallagher is Irish!

I just had to laugh at this from Noel Gallagher in the Irish Times:

"I clearly remember my mam saying to me and my two brothers when we were growing up: 'You're only English because you were born here.' And with a mother from Mayo and a father from Co Meath, there's not a drop of English blood in me. I recently had a child with my Scottish girlfriend, and there's no English blood in him at all.

"I feel as Irish as the next person. The first music I was ever exposed to was the rebel songs the bands used to sing in the Irish club in Manchester. Do you know, I think that's where Oasis songs get their punch-the-air quality - from me being exposed to those rousing rebel songs. It was all rebel songs and that godawful Irish country and western music."

Now, not that I give a shit as I'm not into any form of nationalism, English, Irish, Welsh or otherwise...

...but Noel, you're famous (amongst other things) for playing a Union Jack guitar and inventing Britpop.

Good try though to get the Irish fans onside. I might go on about my Irish roots for the next record I put out...hang on though, I think I might actually be Irish?

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  1. "...but Noel, you're famous (amongst other things) for playing a Union Jack guitar and inventing Britpop."

    haha i couldn't have said it any better. good one, mr singleton!

  2. What a load of bullshit mate, to say that this guy isnt Irish. Is this nationality snobbery? Do you reject all other claims to heritage from all the other Irish diaspora? As for the Union Jack thing, isnt some of this beautiful island we live on part of Britain? Dont some of the Irish people on this island consider themselves Irish first and British second? Do all people who are Irish have to hold a deep racism against all things British? And, does every member of our emigrant diaspora have to be culturally conditioned to hate all things British just because their Irish? I think I may have seen pictures of U2 with USA Flags [be sure to write a blog on this!]. Also, Shane McGowen, he is English born, do you tar him with this brush aswell? You might not be a nationalist but your a fucking racist! I hope nobody ever buys a single song from you and you never amount to anything significant musically, you dont deserve the gift with that outlook! Now I know you wont publish this on your blog, for fear of being made to look like an idiot.1 his mother is from wexford, born and raised, his father is from Duleek co. meath, born and raised and they spent most of their childhood summers in this country. 2. the term britpop was conjured up by the media, not by noel gallagher. and 3. if you know anything about selling yourself image wise you would know that musicians often don themselves with culturally significant items in an attempt to publicise themselves. Johnny cash claimed his scottish ancestry in his biograpy, John lennon his Irish ancestry, Bowie once spoke about his Irish mother and his feeling of irishness. Now, my brother lives in Oz and his son was born and raised in Oz and he fully considers himself Irish and no middle-class son of a bitch like you should even attempt to make claims about peoples individual right to claim who they believe THEY are. By the way I am a proud Irish Nationalist and an Irish Republic citizen, a musician and a writer and if I ever hear your name mentioned in any of the circles I move in I will be fully sure to voice my opinion about you!

  3. Oh be nice.

    I'm not being a nationality snob (whatever that is) and I'm of mixed English/Irish descent myself (and please don't make assumptions about what class I belong to).

    The point I was making was that Noel Gallagher tends to switch nationalities when it suits him (depending on whom he's playing/talking to), and usually to sell records. Which is actually probably quite a clever thing to do. Pointing out his shifting nationality doesn't make me a racist though.

  4. i dont care what ya say he,s irish in my eyes.

  5. His name is Gallagher, he is Irish, end of. As Ian Brown once opined 'It doesnt matter where you're from it's where you're at'

  6. I don't think about his nationality when I listen to his music. He is a genius and makes me feel ten foot tall. I'm English with Irish roots and I am proud to be English and proud of an heritage on both sides of the Irish sea. Noel is Irish but also has a love of his 'adopted' country through birth England. You pair of tools need to chill out. Live forever Mr G.


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