Friday, 17 October 2008

Michael Foot and the credit crunch

For many years now, Michael Foot has been derided as the Labour leader who authored the 'longest suicide note in history' - the very left-wing 1983 Labour manifesto.

Interestingly though, one very important part of the manifesto - the pledge to nationalise banks - is now official policy of some of the most right-wing governments on the planet.

It's quite funny seeing neo-con George Bush and Gordon Brown (one of the most right-wing Labour Prime Ministers ever) carrying out Michael Foot's policies.

It's a very topsy-turvy world right now.

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  1. One of Sinn Fein's (current) key policies too.

  2. Chris,...
    I adore your album and I read your blogs with interest but when it comes too ecomics of the country I am "THICK".

    I would say since 1997/8 I honestly/swear my my childrens lives haven't watched TV, listened/watched News or read papers,... except for watching DVD's.
    I have just listened/watched music because it was the most influencial and positive thing available to the me/masses.
    You may find this funny but through your blogs i know more of what is happening economically in the UK than I have in the past 10 years! The last entertainment production that I related too was the film "The Business" with Danny Dyer as it had Margret Thatcher picture in it (albiet they were consuming illegal substances of a picture of her)!

    I suppose i'm basically saying, the political side of your blogs I ain't the foggiest, but Michael Foot clicked somewhere? otherwise i'm totally lost! :)

    Mikey Muse


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