Monday, 26 May 2008

Three more songs for you...and the honesty box

This a post mainly for people who availed of the free download of 'Twisted City'. Firstly, I hope you enjoyed it!

Secondly, you're probably aware that there's an 'honesty box' which you can donate to if you're feeling generous. Donating means that I can a) record more independent music and b) promote it, so I'm always extremely grateful to anyone who helps out. The honesty box is powered by Paypal, so it should be nice and secure. The honesty box is at

As a mark of my appreciation to anyone who donates, I'm now making three bonus tracks available to anyone who puts a few quid in the box. These are the studio-recorded 'Streetlight', 'Somebody's Shoes' and the radio version of 'Gimme Something' (which features a rather different ending to the album version). To pick up your tracks, just donate and when you get to the the screen thanking you for your donation, make sure you click the 'return to donations co-ordinator' button.

So yes, that's a blatant bribe!

Don't worry if you've already donated - I'm going to send out an email to all the people who've already donated over the next couple of days with a link to the 3 songs.

If you'd like to hear some new music I've got in the er, pipeline, click Enjoy.

A bientot, all.

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