Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The Radiohead Experiment...An Update

An update on the progress of my 'Radiohead experiment' (giving away my album for free and letting people donate an amount of their choosing to an honesty box if they want).

The average donation so far is £3.90 - however, the percentage of people donating is very small: only 3% of people who've downloaded it have paid for it. As far as I know the percentage of people paying Radiohead for their album stands at 38%...much higher. Easy to understand the difference in percentages though. Radiohead are an established act, and paying punters know that they should be getting a good product for their couple of quid. With a less well-known act (putting it mildly...) like me people are taking more of a chance with a free album - it might be rubbish.

But annoyingly, the net result is that in experiments like these, people are happier to pay millionaires for 'free' music rather than to support indie acts. I suppose that happens in conventional cd sales too...but it's still a pain in the arse. Not that I'm bitter though. And the object of my experiment is to get my music to a wider audience, and in that respect it's working very well.

You can get the album 'free' at http://www.singletonmusic.com/freealbum/ (ah go on, give us a pound).

Happy New Year incidentally!

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